David Collom

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

// About Me


As a dedicated individual I take great pride in my work and furthering my technical understanding.
I am motivated by my passion for technology and the love of working with people from all disciplines and backgrounds.
Automation technology and DevOps are things that come second nature to my work.

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St Albans, UK

// Experiences

Credit Karma

July 2019 - Present

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

My primary role at credit karma has been the management, maintenance, upgrading of our kubernetes clusters and core services running within.
This included:
Upgrades to the clusters and enhancements to;
- Monitoring of the cluster (and critical services within),
- Introducing pod disruption budgets where applicable,
- Network policy maintenance,
- Cluster autoscaling for various workloads,
- Affinity and AntiAffinity rules for critical systems,
- Automated deployment of infrastructure via Terraform and Terragrunt.

Provided feedback to service owners / product owners of correct resource management
Introduced capacity planning and predicted alerting if exceeding

Along with the kubernetes clusters, I'm primary for managing and maintaining our service mesh (linkerd 1.x) and overseeing the migration to an in house envoy-proxy sidecar powered mesh (inside and outside of kubernetes).

Outside of kubernetes I was also responsible for various supporting infrastructure such as hashicorp vault, consul, artifactory mirroring from our upstream providers to support the UK regions static assets and docker repository along with a large scale, shared MySQL deployment.

Whilst in this role I was seconded to the data engineering arm of the business to help assist in the role or of multiple etl/data warehousing services within the UK region along with our primary recommendation engine.

A large majority of this work has been critical to our very successful launch of our very own platform within the UK, deploying over 200+ services to be standalone and move away from a very expensive hosted solution from a third party into our own Google Cloud Platform.

Sky Betting and Gaming

May 2018 - July 2019

Infrastructure Platform Engineer

My day to day role includes managing, maintaining and improving our exisitng On-Premesis and Cloud (AWS) Kubernetes clusters.
In addition we work very close with our internal customers to ensure that they follow kubernetes best practises where possible,
I have been heavily involved in multiple key projects to improve our On-Premesis offerings, such as;
- Automated Patching / Reporting,
- On-Premesis Availability zones,
- Upgrading supporting infrastructure,
- Automated service health checks to ensure smoother TTI during incident response,
- Automated Deployment and configuration management via Terraform for both on-prem and Cloud(AWS).

Within my Learning and Development time I have picked up more Go Lang experience, investigating and implementing internal tooling to our Kubernetes customers;

This has also expanded to running my own internal 12 node kubernetes cluster of various architecture, along with; Prometheus, Grafana, Alertmanager, Home Assistant, Traefik and Metal LB.

Sky Betting and Gaming

June 2017 - May 2018

Senior DevOps Engineer

During my time in this role, I worked closly with both SRE (Site Reliability Engineers), Performance Testing and various other DevOps teams to help ensure that we maintained a high level of service.

In this role, I was tasked with improving our automated patching process and auditing capability. This was successfully acheived with the use of Jenkins, Chef and our own inhouse scripts (Bash/Python/Ruby).
While improving this process we managed to reduce the teams overheadconsiderably where automating what was a manual process where possible, Features included;
- Automatic Rebooting,
- Automatic Silencing of Alerts across multiple platforms,
- Automatic Draining/Disabling patched hosts Multiple Tiers,
- Ensuring that new services where configured and designed for this process.

William Hill

Febuary 2016 - June 2017

Senior Software Developer

Following from my previous role of Software Developer, my responsiblities were extended to manage and maintain workloads within the team, both across development and engineering.

This included; regular 1:1's and Performance Management discussions with direct reports, managing timesheets for contractors, Interviewing potential candidates, extended mentoring/training with both Developers and Engineers to ensure that they had the knowledge to complete required tasks in a DevOps orientated team.

Investigation of new technology solutions, Implementation of Peer Review process along with a large increase in unit test adoption & benchmarking across the team.

While in this role, I was in charge of migrating our existing Monolythic Application/API to adopt a Service Orientated Architecture (Microservices), allowing us to decouple a large portion of our platform and assist in accelerating PoC's(Proof of concepts) with other 3rd party providers (AWS, Vcloud Air, Azure, etc..).

William Hill

May 2014 - Febuary 2016

Software Developer

During my time with William Hill I have played a key member of our in house Automation Platform team (WH Cloud). Part of our major success within this team has being able to reduce scaling of key business applications from 3-6 weeks down to approximately 1-2 Hours!

My main personal achievement during this role has been delivering an automated containerised infrastructure product using Mesos/Marathon along with bespoke development work to support this in our already deployed infrastructure.

Along with my main development role, I have played an active role in delivering several training courses across the Organisation with excellent feedback across various subjects.

City Electrical Factors

June 2012 - April 2014

Software Developer

Being employed primarily as a Software Developer from a PHP background, I have learned Ruby and the Ruby on Rails Framework, within the first 6 months of my employment.

I have also been in charge of pricing, planning and implementing a large scale virtualised server architecture to allow the company to move from a single physical appliance. This solution has been designed to utilise multiple service providers to distribute services. Moving the company into a more scalable, cost effective and flexible position for future development.

Development of this custom made virtualised solution included experience with load balancing, replication and clustering services, automated configuration and provisioning along with a centralised firewall shared across all servers.

Visualsoft eCommerce

August 2008 - June 2012

Developer & System Administrator

Managing servers and infrastructure that host over 400 high traffic Ecommerce websites.
I was responsible for ensuring 99 percent uptime for all essential technology solutions.
Due to the prestige of many of our clients, vulnerability is a constant concern and I have raised the level of security to a PCI compliant standard.
Implementing and developing many new internal systems.

Along side my System Administration role, I was also involved in implementing and supporting the roll out of various features such as
- eBay Syncronisation
- Amazon Syncronisation
- Amazon Price matching system
- ePOS / Till System Integrations

// Education

University of Teesside

HNC, Web Development

2005 - 2007

  • Principles of Visual Programming
  • Computer Law
  • Web Authoring
  • Introduction to Markup Languages
  • Internet Marketing
  • Multimedia Applications 1
  • Database and SQL
  • Communications Case Study
  • Group Project

Bishop Auckland College

Various, Information Technology

2001 - 2005

  • C&G Level 3 - ICT Practitioner (system Support)
  • C&G Level 3 - Webpage design - Credit
  • C&G Level 2 - ICT Practitioner (System Support)
  • TROCN - Intro to Webpage Design
  • NCFE - Intro to the Internet
  • NCFE - Build a PC
  • KeySkills Level 2 - ICT
  • GNVQ - Intermediate ICT

Barnard Castle School


1999 - 2001

  • Combined Cadet Force (RAF)

// Skills

Languages / DBs

Go Lang



Applications / Tools



VMware vCenter
Brocade VTM
BigIP F5

Cloud Services / Providers

Google Cloud Platform
Digital Ocean
Amazon AWS

Operating Systems

Ubuntu, Red Hat & CentOS
Core OS

// Skills

  • Languages / DBs

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Go Lang
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Frameworks

  • Rails
  • Grape
  • Sinatra
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Applications / Tools

  • Docker
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Kubernetes
  • Git
  • Terraform
  • Terragrunt
  • Apache
  • HAProxy
  • Jenkins
  • Splunk
  • Ignition
  • Appliances

  • VMware vCenter
  • Brocade VTM
  • BigIP F5
  • Infoblox
  • Matchbox
  • Cloud Services / Providers

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Digital Ocean
  • Amazon AWS
  • Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu, Red Hat & CentOS
  • Core OS
  • MacOS

// Hobbies & Interests

  Formula 1 & MotorSports




  Digital Art